Electronic Circuit Carriers

Rubalit® and Alunit® engineered by CeramTec have earned a reputation worldwide as the standard materials for electronic circuit carriers and their quality is acknowledged by every brand-name manufacturer of hybrid circuits.

Substrates made from Rubalit® Alumina Ceramics

Rubalit® 708 S with 96% Al2O3

This ceramic material is characterized by its extremely high strength and thermal conductivity. The outstanding surface quality on both sides makes it the perfect companion for any commercial thick film paste and even makes it suitable for a number of thin film applications (sputtering).

Rubalit® 710 with 99.6% Al2O3

With its extremely fine surface quality, this ceramic material is designed especially to meet the highest demands in thin-film technology.

Rubalit® 708 HP – High Performance with 96% Al2O3

Rubalit® 708 HP offers consistently reliable and convincing performance even when subject to high thermal and electrical loads in terms of its:

  • Thermocycling capability
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Flexural strength
  • Surface quality
  • Thermal conductivity

This makes Rubalit® 708 HP ideal for power electronics in conjunction with direct copper bonding (DCB) and active metal brazing (AMB).

Substrates made from Alunit® Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

Alunit® – the Coolest Solution for maximum Electronics Performance

Achieving maximum performance in the smallest possible space inevitably causes electronic components to develop increasingly high temperatures. This heat must be dissipated quickly and reliably in order to protect the valuable components. This is where CeramTec Alunit® aluminum nitride ceramics set the benchmark.

With outstanding insulating properties and extremely high thermal conductivity (≥ 170 W/mK), Alunit® is perfect for the extremely high performance required in the electronics industry. Alunit® enables the compact, affordable construction of components and hybrid designs with high integration density.

Extraordinary mechanical strength and a low thermal expansion coefficient enable seamless system integration. Alunit® can also be further processed using direct copper bonding. Application scenarios can be found in the areas of high-power electronics, IGBT modules, telecommunications, in cooling systems and in High-power LEDs.

Laser substrates
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Lasering of ceramic substrates for highest quality requirements

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A key prerequisite for CeramTec’s successful partnership with the electronics industry is the ability to deliver the right materials. CeramTec offers the world’s top ceramic materials for thick and thin film technology and provides ceramics optimally designed to meet customer specification profiles.

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