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Ultrasonic Technology

Sensors & Transducers

CeramTec’s UK facility for ultrasonic sensors & transducers offers world-class design and manufacturing services backed by extensive in-house expertise and capabilities. Piezoceramics are the heartbeat of modern-day ultrasonic sensing and transducer technology. With three Piezo-ceramic production sites – two in the UK and one in Germany, CeramTec is well equipped with the required vertical integration for optimising product performance.

Applications from ultrasonic metering, air in line detection, SONAR and high power applications are available from our product selection below.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Our advanced sensors can be found in products across the globe and are the technical basis for various applications. From smart cities solutions such as flow meters and leak detectors to medical devices and automation.


Ultrasonic Transducers

CeramTec offers a holistic development and manufacture service for Custom designed transducer tested to precisely match customer specific requirements. Our ultrasonic transducers range covers a variety of applications from cleaning to SONAR and medical.


White Paper Download

Amir R. Mirza, Ph.D., Sales Director of CeramTec UK Ltd. describes in his article "Reducing Time to Market for Critical Medical Ultrasonic Sensors & Transducers" the latest possibilities in medical technology made possible by modern ultrasonic technology.


Preview of the Medical Equipment article