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Powerful Forming, Bending and Widening with Ceramics

Ceramic Forming Tools for Tube Forming

Ceramic forming tools are characterized by their uniform grain-size distribution, optimum surface roughness, superior fracture toughness and low build-up for performance that improves dimensional accuracy and vastly extends service life.

The forces used in tube forming – such as drawing, bending or widening – also have an impact on the forming tools used and often push them to the limits of their performance capabilities. Tube forming tools made from the ceramic materials Zirconium oxideSilicon nitride and – as a dispersion/composition – Alumina are extremely resistant to these mechanical and thermal stresses. CeramTec uses these materials to match the desired application and requirements placed on the tools. In addition, CeramTec also uses the ceramic material silicon nitride for joining and Pipe welding.

Forming Tools for Tube Forming
Ceramic Tools for Forming, Bending and Widening
  • No cold welds
  • High wear resistance
  • High chemical and thermal resistance
  • Improved surface quality
  • Improved dimensional accuracy
  • Vastly extended service life
  • Customer-specific process optimization possible

The tribological properties of the surface qualities achieved with these ceramic materials guarantee that forming tools produced with the materials have an extremely long service life. The low diffusion and adhesion of the materials prevents cold welds, and the hot hardness and temperature strength reduce the likelihood of plastic deformation. The chemical and thermal resistance of the forming tools also makes them suitable for use in aggressive environments, like molten metals, acids and lyes. The CeramTec forming experts at our Plochingen site will gladly provide you with advice on how to increase the performance of your forming tools with ceramics.

Tools for Wire Drawing, Tube Forming and Forming Systems
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