CeramCool® Heat-Sinks

Innovative Thermal Management with Ceramic Heat-Sink

In the thermal management of high-performance electronics, photovoltaics, LEDs and other applications, new possibilities are offered by highly thermally conductive CeramCool® ceramic heat sinks made of aluminium oxide and aluminium nitride.

CeramCool® heat sinks are an effective combination of PCB and heat sink for the safe cooling of thermally sensitive components and circuits. They enable the direct and permanent connection of components and are ideally suited for thermal management and cooling of power-intensive circuits in high-performance electronics, high-power LEDs or photovoltaic systems.

Chip-on-heatsink technology eliminates the additional layers and thus thermal barriers required in traditional setups. In addition to thermal resistances, this also reduces the number of components and the possible causes of faults in the overall system. This has positive effects on the assembly effort and thus ultimately on the system costs. For innovative thermal management with ceramic heat sinks, the following therefore applies: "Keep it simple" - a simplified system design optimises heat dissipation.

The ceramic materials used are Rubalit® aluminum oxide and Alunit® aluminum nitride, which can be provided with various metallisations and conductive path structures, if required also three-dimensionally and "around the edge". With chip-on-heatsink, CeramTec has also developed a process that enables optimal thermal coupling to the cooling medium. 

Useful Information

CeramCool® Heat-Sink

  • Ceramic heat-sinks mad from Al2O3 aluminum oxide or AlN aluminum nitride
  • High electrical insulation with high thermal conductivity
  • High chemical resistance and corrosion resistance for long service life
  • Excellent high frequency characteristics
  • Heat-sink and circuit board in one (chip-on-heatsink)
  • Extremely low total thermal resistance Rth
  • Ground, directly metalizable surface
  • Metalizations: Cu (to 300 µm), Ag or W/Ni/Au
  • Cooling performance up to 1,000 W/cm2
    (depending on coolant and permissible surface temperature)
  • Scalable to nearly any cooling performance
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