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Ceramic Coil Bodies

Metalized Bodies for Electrical Inductors

Every year CeramTec manufactures billions of metalized ceramic bodies for electrical inductors. Miniaturized, with the tightest tolerances and in the highest possible quality.

CeramTec has developed and manufactured ceramic inductor cores (coil bodies) since the 1960s. Over time, construction sizes have steadily decreased, which has contributed significantly to the miniaturization of electrical devices, systems and components.

Partially Metalized Coil Bodies for Electrical Coils

Partially metalized ceramic bodies for electrical coils from CeramTec are known especially for their tight tolerances, good mechanical strength, excellent soldering behavior and the extremely high bond strength of the metalization.

Full Copper-Plated Ceramic Bodies for Laser-Trimmed Inductors

Full copper-plated (approx. 25 μm) ceramic coil bodies are suitable for exceptionally small construction designs where the wire-winding technique reaches its limits. Here inductance is achieved through laser trimming.

Metalized Ceramic Bodies for Electrical Inductors
Metalized Ceramic Bodies for Electrical Inductors

Metalized Ceramic Coil Bodies

  • Construction designs 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1008 and 1206
  • Bone-shaped, U-shaped and H-shaped
  • Standard metalizations W/Ni/Au and W/Ni/Sn
  • Additional metalizations on request