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Drivers of the Energy Transition

Application Areas of Ceramic Substrates

Due to their electrical, thermal, mechanical, insulating and chemical properties, substrates made of high-performance ceramics are used in numerous industries and application areas - from medical technology to consumer electronics. Our particular focus is on vehicle electrification. But there are also a wide range of applications in the field of renewable energy generation, where our substrates are already delivering top performance.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) with Battery (B), Hybrid (H), FuelCell (FC), Plugin (P)

Substrates for Vehicle Electrification (ICE/Hybrid/EV)

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The table shows areas of application for ceramic substrates in vehicle electrification.

Ceramic Components in Renewables

Discover how substrates, heat sinks, sensors and other components made of technical ceramics deliver top performance in renewable energies - from photovoltaic systems and wind energy to hydropower and other applications.


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Brochures & Data Sheets

Laser Processing of Ceramic Substrates
Powerful Laser Techniques
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Substrate Data Sheet: Zirconia Reinforced Alumina ZTA
Material properties of ZTA
Material properties of Sinalit®
Silicon Nitride Si3N4 Substrates
Substrate Data Sheet: Alunit AlN HP
Material Properties Aluminum Nitride
Lasering of Ceramics
Solutions for miniaturizing trends in microelectronics
Datasheet - Advanced Ceramics for Electronic Applications
Material properties of Rubalit®, Alunit® (Aluminum Nitride AlN) and Zirkolit®