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Cutting Materials & Tool Systems

SPK® Machining Expertise

For more than 60 years the CeramTec’s SPK® brand has stood for powerful, efficient design in machining processes with ceramic cutting tools, PcBN grades and cermets.

Machining Solutions from the Ceramic Experts

SPK® cutting materials and tool systems are used in a variety of industrial sectors for machining parts made from cast iron, hardened steel, steels and other materials found in aviation engine manufacturing. Whether turning, hard turning, grooving, milling or boring, CeramTec SPK® cutting materials and tool systems have enabled high-quality, economic machining processes in daily use.


Cutting Materials SPK

SPK® Cutting Inserts

Under the SPK® brand, CeramTec offers a unique range of inserts made of ceramic cutting materials, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) and cermets for the machining processes of turning, hard turning, grooving, milling and boring in a wide variety of industries.

The performance of a cutting material is the basis for optimum machining of a workpiece. Its performance has a major influence on the key machining parameters of tool life, cutting speed and surface finish. There are so many different machining tasks that can be solved efficiently and economically with CeramTec's range of cutting materials and indexable inserts for workpieces made of cast iron, steel, hardened steel and special materials. 


SPK® Engineering

The technological and economic demands in machining applications are constantly growing. Thanks to its matching tooling systems and comprehensive application expertise, the CeramTec SPK® Engineering Team is able to create practically oriented solutions in the fields of automotive engineering and aerospace, the transmission and bearing industry, in mechanical engineering and in wind power.

Our engineering services combine cutting materials and tools with components, materials and the equipment environment to create processes that ensure high productivity and maximum safety.


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