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Ceramic Grinding Media for Grinding, Mixing and Dispersing

Grinding Beads, Balls and Linings made from Steatite and Alumina

Ceramic grinding balls and linings are suitable for applications where highly efficient grinding must be paired with low grinding media abrasion. Non-ferrous grinding is absolutely essential in many processes, for instance in medical or pharmaceutical applications, in order to prevent undesired impurities in the grinding materials used.

Ceramic grinding media are also suited for use in processes where mixing and dispersing effects play an important role. In the majority of these grinding processes, steatite and alumina are the most common ceramic materials used for grinding balls and linings.

CeramTec generally manufactures its grinding balls and linings with steatite. They are available in a wide range of dimensions to meet the requirements of the often highly specialized grinding processes and equipment used in this industry. Grinding beads for use in agitator bead mills are manufactured using steatite and alumina.

Grinding Beads, Balls and Linings Made from Steatite and Alumina
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