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Electrical Installations and Electronic Components

Technical Ceramics in Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Technical ceramics are characterised by their great versatility in electronic and electrical applications. Depending on the application and requirements, they are used, for example, as circuit carriers, heat sinks, sensors, actuators and as active or passive components in different areas.

Ceramic heat sinks, for example, create the right climate for high-performance electronics. CeramTec ceramic components ensure safe and reliable functionality in the aerospace, automotive, sensor, optoelectronics, measurement and control technology, telecommunications and industrial and consumer electronics sectors. CeramTec is one of the leading manufacturers for these components. Ceramic components for electrical and electronic applications enable the world to move and understand - CeramTec solutions ensure that everything works as expected.

Highlights Products & Solutions

Power Module for Drive Inverters
Cooling Solutions for E-Mobility

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology "IISB" in Erlangen, Germany, we have developed innovative cooling solutions for power electronics in E-Mobility drive trains.

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Components for the Semiconductor Industry
Advanced Ceramics for Semiconductors

Our ceramic components for the semiconductor industry are exposed to extreme manufacturing and handling conditions, where they have to withstand the highest chemical and physical stresses and function reliably and precisely over the long term.

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Key Components for Electronic Applications
Ceramic Substrates

A wide range of different key components for electronic applications (e.g. electronic circuit carriers) can be manufactured from ceramic substrates, which fulfil their function permanently and safely in various Areas of Application.

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High Power Ultrasonic Transducers & Piezoceramic Sensors
Experience in Piezoceramics

Piezoceramic components enable the conversion of forces, pressures and accelerations to electrical signals. In sound generators and ultrasonic transducers, they transform voltages into oscillations or deformations.

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E-Mobility - Pioneering Solutions from Advanced Ceramics
Power Electronics - Sensor Systems - Bearings - Temperature Management - Electrical Insulation
E-Mobility - Ceramic Heatsink in E-Mobility
Heat sink for optimised thermal management
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CeramCool® - Heat Sink for optimised Thermal Management
Electronics - Cooling Technology - Heat Management
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Optimized Thermal Management
Advanced Ceramic Materials for Power Electronics
Substrate Data Sheet: Zirconia Reinforced Alumina ZTA
Material properties of ZTA
Substrate Data Sheet: Alunit AlN HP
Material Properties Aluminum Nitride
Advanced Ceramic Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry
Customized solutions for demanding semiconductor applications
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