Substrates – Metalization

Metalization directly on the Ceramic Circuit Carriers

CeramTec’s own metalized substrates are optimally suited for directly mounting electronic components onto ceramic.

CeramTec metalizes these substrates manufactured for use in electronic circuits in-house. CeramTec develops the metalization pastes itself and these pastes are characterized by their high bond strength, good solder flow and excellent stability in solder baths. With their superb mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, metalized substrates manufactured by CeramTec are used in power electronics, optoelectronics, sensor technology, in light diodes and as special, single-layer carriers for microelectronic semiconductors.

CeramTec Metalization Layer Formation

The tungsten base metalization is applied with layer thicknesses of a minimum of 6 μm in a screen printing process. The electroless nickel layer applied for improved solder flow has a minimum thickness of 2 μm. Other layer thicknesses are possible for special customer requirements. For galvanic nickel layers, it is essential to discuss the layout in advance to ensure proper electrical bonding between the individual metal surfaces. On customer request a gold flash layer (approx. 0.1 µm) can be deposited in addition to the nickel layer for corrosion protection. Another possibility is to reinforce the electrolytic nickel layers with a bondable gold layer. Layers with soft soldering are also possible. Metalized feedthroughs are also available on customer request.


Metallizing – go for a dependable foundation
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