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ALUTIT Aluminum Titanate Components in Non-ferrous Molten Metals

Advanced Ceramics for Foundry Technology

The extreme conditions found in non-ferrous (NF) molten metal applications demand specialized materials. CeramTec’s advanced ceramic material aluminum titanate (ATI, ALUTIT, Al2TiO5) effortlessly masters challenging conditions such as aggressive melting, maximum temperatures of 900 °C and temperature differences of several hundred degrees. Conventional materials simply can’t take the heat under these challenging conditions.

White Aluminum Titanate Tubes

“ALUTIT aluminum titanate from CeramTec effortlessly masters challenging conditions in the non-ferrous molten metals industry, where conventional materials simply can’t take the heat.”

Aluminum titanate is a ceramic material that cannot be wetted by liquid aluminum and is also known for its excellent resistance to thermal shock. This makes ALUTIT the ideal choice for use in aluminum foundries. Its low thermal conductivity saves energy and its outstanding chemical and abrasive resistance ensure high melt purity. ALUTIT from CeramTec exhibits unparalleled thermal shock behavior and is often used for components subject to high thermal stress levels.

Versatile and Proven in Foundry Technology

CeramTec chiefly uses aluminum titanate to manufacture riser tubes up to 1.75 m in length for low-pressure die casting along with tubes for dosing furnaces, also known as dosing tubes.

But CeramTec ALUTIT can be used to manufacture more than just riser tubes and aluminum casting nozzles – the material’s versatility has also proven aluminum titanate’s suitability for numerous other applications in foundry technology:

White Aluminum Titanate Rings
  • Break rings for continuous casting of brass
  • Bushes as casting mold inserts or mold joints
  • Dosing tubes for dosing furnaces
  • Nozzles as casting mold inserts or mold joints
  • Insulating rings
  • Sliding plates for flow control of molten masses
  • Spouts for flow control of molten masses
  • Riser tubes for low-pressure die casting
  • Stoppers for flow control of molten masses
  • Closing plates for flow control of molten masses
ALUTIT CeramTec Aluminum Titanate

Customised Solutions

CeramTec can also manufacture specialized products from aluminum titanate according to customer specifications. Some of the possibilities include spacers, casting molds, casting tips, port liners or crucibles. Contact our ATI experts for foundry technology.


Aluminium Titanate ALUTIT
Ceramic Materials for Foundry Applications & the Nonferrous Molten Metal Industry
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