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Indispensable for Innovations in Electronics

Passive Components

Together with active components, passive components form the foundation in the fast-paced world of electronics. They fulfil elementary tasks, such as the power supply of a device or the transmission of signals, and ultimately form electrical and electronic circuits.

In these circuits, in turn, resistor bodies are indispensable: they conduct the current in a precise manner to achieve a desired performance and are thus a very essential factor for stability in circuits. In addition to our cylindrical CeramCore® resistor bodies, we also offer flat, rectangular SMT components (lasered or stamped; made of Rubalit 708S® , Rubalit 710F® and Alunit®).

Coils, on the other hand, have the ability to convert electrical energy into magnetic fields and, conversely, to release the electrical energy again. Fuses, in turn, protect valuable components from overheating due to overcurrent.

A blue printed circuit board from CeramTec with passive components.

Technical ceramics are once again convincing as a material for passive components due to their outstanding properties. Particularly noteworthy in this context is the possibility to realise almost one hundred percent pore-free surfaces. Furthermore, technical ceramics are characterised by excellent electronic insulating properties, high strength and thermal conductivity.

For the SMD reflow soldering process of passive components, the bending strength and the fracture toughness are important. In the pick & place assembly process of passive components, the geometry (length, width and thickness) of the support bodies and the flatness are of high relevance.

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