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More Process Reliability & Durability thanks to Advanced Ceramics

Pumps, Valves and Seals

In complex applications, as for pumps, compressors and machine components, the high-performance ceramics from CeramTec are indispensable due to their unique properties: for perfect function, better performance and process reliability, a longer service life and increased economic efficiency.

Where other materials cannot handle the specific high strain of the area of application, high-performance ceramics from CeramTec offer crucial advantages and additional benefits. This innovative material is ready for the challenges of the future.

For each application and each requirement profile – from micro-dosing pumps in medical technology to large power plant pumps – we provide economical solutions with optimum selection, combination and setup of materials as well as component design.

Tubes, Rings, Bearings, Nozzles and Valves
Benefit from many advantages such as...
  • Higher operational safety, longer service life
  • Increased process reliability
  • Better economic efficiency, reduced costs
  • Excellent wear and corrosion resistance through unique tribological properties
  • Variety of ceramic high-performance materials
  • Comprehensive product and service range, such as: Friction bearings and bushings, seals, pistons, piezo drives, ceramic wear protection, ceramic sensors, solutions for periphery systems

Standards for Process Reliability and Performance

We have developed gliding, bearing, sealing and control technology with high-performance ceramics – with outstanding tribological, chemical and physical properties. This allows highly strained components in pumps, condensers, machines and systems to run reliably, with high economic efficiency and low wear, even under extreme operating conditions.

Leading customers worldwide – from automotive, chemicals and mechanical engineering to plant engineering and medical technology – rely on our exceptional quality and ceramics competence.

Discover in detail the many possibilities that ceramics offer for pumps, valves & seals:

Bearings & Bushings

Ceramic Seals

Piezo Micro Pumps

Piezoceramics for Sensors

Ceramic Materials and their Main Use in Pump Construction

Ceramic Wear Protection of Peripheral Systems

Ceramics for Pumps, Valves and Seals
Reliably in top form for longer

Bearings and Bushings

Ceramic slip rings, bearing bushings (for axial and radial bearings) ensure a high level of reliability during operation and long service lives for applications with liquids in pumps or gases in compressors: in mechanical engineering and plant engineering, in automotive engineering, in medical technology systems and analysis devices, all the way to coffee machines and many other areas of application.

The suitable ceramic material for the respective requirements is selected based on an optimally adjusted properties profile.

Benefit from many advantages such as...
  • Best possible operational reliability with longest mean time between failure (MTBF)
  • Highest possible manufacturing quality
  • Excellent running properties – dry running or mixed friction
  • Outstanding gliding properties
  • Minimum wear, high wear resistance
  • Excellent resistance to corrosive and abrasive media
  • Excellent thermal shock behaviour, high temperature resistance
  • Resistance to deformation and ageing
  • Optimum biocompatibility
Sealing Ring Silicon Carbide black
Everything running, everything tight

Ceramic Seals

Customised engineering and product design with a variety of ceramic materials and material combinations make our application-optimised sealing components reliable and the first choice worldwide. For example: radial shaft seals and axial shaft seals – as mechanical seals, flat seals, valve shaft seals and piston rings. They have become an established component of pumps and pump housings in the manufacturing of devices and machines, in automotive manufacturing and in medical technology. More about Sealings made from Silicon Carbide ROCAR®.

    Benefit from many advantages such as...
    • Very resistant to chemical influence, corrosion and abrasion
    • Optimum glide pairing – hard/hard and also hard/soft – surface quality and macro structures perfectly adapted
    • Excellent running characteristics
    • Mechanical seals in large dimensions up to 1000 mm
    • Tight, homogeneous ceramic structures formed through state-of-the-art production processes
    Ceramic Sealings black
    piezo micro pump

    Piezo Micro Pumps

    Piezoceramics from CeramTec in micromembrane pumps, microdosing pumps and medical pumps ensure reliable flow and dosing of liquids and gases in the right quantities – for example in medical and laboratory technology, chemical analysis, biotechnology and process engineering.

    Piezoelectric actuators are predestined for micropump drives due to their compact size. With precision and reliability, they ensure extremely small dosing volumes, continuous flow and variable flow rates.

    Piezoceramics for Sensors

    CeramTec has developed piezoceramic high-performance materials for the different measuring applications. They fulfil their tasks with maximum reliability, even under very tough operating conditions. Combined systems are most often used, combining transmitter and receiver in one sensor.

    High thermal resistance and a long service life, high coupling factors and large load constants are outstanding properties of the material.

    Discover more:  Piezoceramics for Sensor Systems

    Piezo ceramics for sensor systems
    Tailor-made materials

    Optimally adapted for pump engineering

    The unique materials properties make high-performance ceramics from CeramTec one of the most high performing materials for especially high requirements. The properties range from wear resistance, heat resistance, temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance to biocompatibility and food compatibility. For a large number of applications, the specific mechanical, thermal, biological-chemical and electrical properties of the high-performance ceramics can be combined, developed further, optimised and coordinated.

    The materials groups of silicate ceramics, oxide ceramics, non-oxide ceramics and piezoceramics allow the production of components which fulfil their task perfectly while being far superior to components made from materials such as metal or plastic. This means that high-performance ceramics are often the only solution for technical problems which cannot be implemented with conventional materials.

    Ceramic Materials and their Main Use in Pump Construction
    MaterialFriction bearings and bushingsSealsWear protectionSensorsActive chamber components
    Aluminium oxide 
    Zircon oxide 
    Silicon nitride 
    Silicon carbide SiSiC 
    Silicon carbide SSiC



    Ceramic wear protection on periphery systems

    On systems connected to pumps and compressors for conveying, such as pipes, hoppers or chutes for solid, liquid or gaseous media, wear protection and wear linings made of the ALOTEC® high-performance ceramics ensure the highest level of process reliability and economic efficiency. They are indispensable where abrasive and corrosive substances are conveyed, transported and processed.

    As a system supplier, CeramTec delivers everything to custom specifications and from a single source, in close cooperation with customers. The possibilities range from single ceramic plates to fully integrated wear protection systems, from standard linings and compound systems to highly complex special components in different shapes and sizes.

    More about ALOTEC®