SPK® Cutting Materials

Ceramic Inserts for Metalworking

Under the SPK® brand CeramTec offers a unique program in terms of scope, diversity and performance of indexable inserts made of ceramic cutting materials, polycrystalline cubic boron nitrides (PcBN) and cermets for turning, grooving, milling and boring in a wide variety of industrial applications.

A cutting material’s performance is the basis for optimum machining of a workpiece. Its use behavior greatly influences the key machining parameters tool life, cutting speed and surface quality. There are so many different machining tasks that can be efficiently and economically solved with CeramTec’s range of cutting materials and indexable inserts for workpieces made of cast iron, steel, hardened steel and special materials. Together with the tool head systems and comprehensive engineering services, CeramTec delivers practical machining solutions designed for very high productivity at low costs.

SPK® Cutting Material Grades & Applications in Machining

cutting materials and tool systems for machining applications
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SPK® Machining Applications

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