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SPK® Ceramic Cutting Materials

Cermets for Machining Applications

Cermets are cutting materials made of ceramic materials in a metal matrix that are characterized by their very high hardness and wear resistance.

Cermets are excellent for all machining applications where specifications for high surface quality, dimensional stability and tight tolerances must be adhered to. They guarantee long tool life with small to medium chip cross sections and uniform allowances, and are ideal for fine finishing, finishing and rough finishing of steel, sintered metal and ductile cast iron.

    They are used in such applications for turning, grooving and milling. For optimum chip formation, CeramTec offers a wide range of chip breaker geometries for indexable inserts. The chip breakers are designed to ensure reliable chip-breaking in automated machining applications.

    Cermet Grades


    • SC 60
    • SC 7015


    • SC 40