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Whisker Ceramic RST 330

Machining of High-Temperature Superalloys

Whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts are firmly established for machining high-temperature superalloys. They are used for machining turbine components, such as those used in aircraft engines or in gas turbines for energy generation.

Whisker ceramic inserts derive their application strength in machining from the composition of the ceramic base matrix with the finely distributed silicon carbide crystals embedded in it - the whiskers: hardness, fracture toughness, thermal conductivity and edge stability are increased and allow economical machining of nickel alloys, Inconel and hardened roll materials.

Applications include turning and grooving and allow roughing, semi-finishing, profiling and broaching. Compared to carbide cutting materials, this is possible at high cutting speeds and feed rates.

The range of holders and the variety of geometries of the inserts enable all required machining operations for turning and grooving. Special tools are developed by our engineering team.

CeramTec GradeRST 330
Cutting MaterialSiC Whisker reinforced ceramic
vc (m/min)250 - 400 m/min
f (mm)0,10 - 0,20 mm
ap (mm)1,0 - 2,0 mm