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LST 370

Polymorphic Ceramics for Heat-Resistant Alloys

The polymorphic SiAlON cutting material LST 370 has been specially designed for machining materials such as those used in aerospace or turbine construction. It is optimally balanced between toughness and wear resistance, which enables high cutting parameters during roughing and semi-finishing when machining Inconel.

In addition to the high variety of geometries, different chamfer geometries are available, which are adapted to different applications. If special geometries are required for turning and grooving inserts, our engineering team will provide support, including assistance with special tools and the design for machining plans.

CeramTec GradeLST 370
Cutting MaterialPolymorphe SiAlON ceramic
vc (m/min)200 - 350 m/min
f (mm)0,10 - 0,35 mm
ap (mm)1,0 - 4,0 mm