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Intelligent Solutions with Silicate Ceramics

Silicate Technology Expertise

Silicate ceramics like cordierite, steatite or aluminum silicate – used creatively and intelligently – offer surprising cost savings potential and create added value thanks to improved customer benefits. Innovative, silicate ceramic components from CeramTec can provide a real competitive advantage.

Silicate ceramic parts from CeramTec are found in all types of modern, systems-specific solutions for a variety of applications, such as automotive engineering and lighting technology in the automotive industry, in circuit breakers and temperature controls, in heating and thermal engineering, in conventional electrotechnical applications and in measurement technology and precision engineering.

Silicate Ceramics Applications

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Industrial Applications
Ceramic Competence in Heating and Thermal Engineering
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CT Materials,Industrial Applications
Innovative Solutions using Silicate Ceramics
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Silicate ceramic materials from CeramTec deliver impressive value.

Silicate Ceramics that Pack a Powerful Punch

Each of these application areas has its own requirements profile and every usage scenario calls for a unique combination of many different material properties. This is why CeramTec has a broad spectrum of proven, maximum-quality materials to cover the myriad demands placed on silicate technology.

For decades CeramTec’s own materials development and preparation teams have optimized these properties to meet the most challenging requirements and developed affordable manufacturing technologies.

Optimized silicate ceramic materials from CeramTec include Frequenta®, Sikor®, Sipa®, Sipalox®, Alphastea®, G80, A12, A14, FAW (porous, for use in evaporation technology) or Ziralit zirconium oxide toughened alumina (ZTA), which are comparable to the Classification for silicate ceramics according to the DIN EN 60 672 standard for cordierite, steatite, aluminum silicate or lithium porcelains. The silicate experts at our Lauf site can provide you with detailed information about CeramTec’s silicate ceramic materials.

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