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Silicate Ceramics for Heating and Thermal Engineering

Silicate Technology for Hot Solutions with Maximum Impact

The efficient conversion of energy plays an important role in generating and utilizing heat. Components made of silicate ceramics can contribute significantly to improving the efficiency of heating and thermal engineering systems.

Silicate Technology

The materials used in high-temperature processes must be able to withstand very high, fluctuating loads for extended periods. Characteristics such as temperature resistance, resistance to temperature change, electrical insulation, dimensional stability and chemical and corrosion resistance are crucial here.

Silicate ceramic materials from CeramTec were developed to optimally satisfy these vital heating and thermal engineering demands and deliver a wide variety of components that increase heating and thermal engineering system efficiency.

Components for Heating/Thermal Engineering
  • Heating element cores for industrial hot-air fans
  • Insulators for current-carrying components in furnaces and heating cabinets
  • Heating element cores for high-performance furnaces, fan heaters, tumble dryers, etc.
  • Flame guide tubes
  • Pilot jets for flame guidance in gas heaters
  • Flame cooling rods for NOx reduction in gas burners
  • Igniter tubes for igniting air/fuel mixtures
Components for Heating/Thermal Engineering
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