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Silicate Ceramics in Automotive Engineering and Lighting Technology

Long Service Life and Economy – Safety Is in the Details

CeramTec silicate ceramics play a key role in automotive engineering and lighting and ensure perfect interaction between components, even when pushed to the limit and under the most punishing conditions.

As a platform for the advanced solutions of tomorrow, silicate ceramics open up a world of new possibilities to automotive engineering and lighting technology developers and manufacturers alike. These advanced materials perform exceptionally well and can be used in a variety of functions. They also offer uniquely superior characteristics at an excellent value.

For example, silicate ceramic components from CeramTec are market-leading system components for halogen and xenon headlights. High temperatures under continuous operating conditions and high UV loads require the use of ceramic sockets and holders for high-power halogen lamps to ensure long service life and unparalleled value. Xenon lamps demand excellent electrical insulation and non-reflective surfaces – something multifunctional silicate ceramics from CeramTec easily master.

Silicate Ceramics in Automotive Engineering and Lighting Technology
Silicate Ceramics
Components for Automotive Engineering & Lighting Technology
  • Sockets and system parts for halogen lamps
  • Insulation tubes and system parts for xenon lamps
  • Insulation parts for temperature sensors for auxiliary heating systems
  • Discs, insulators, and other system parts

A wide variety of products built using a number of different silicate ceramic materials from CeramTec have proven themselves through their many years of use in exhaust gas sensors in automotive engineering applications.