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Machining of Heat Resistant Super Alloys

Ceramic cutting materials and whisker ceramics are our successful duo for machining HRSA materials. The focus is on turning, grooving and milling for roughing and semi-finishing applications. With our ceramic grades for turning LST 320, LST 370 and our whisker ceramic grade RST 330, as well as our LSM 800 grade for milling, you can easily and quickly machine your nickel-based alloy and cobalt-based alloy components with our top grades. Look at the performance of our cutting materials now.

Overview of the Ceramic Types in Detail

Table about the application areas of HRSA cutting materials

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LST 320

Ceramics for turning, grooving, roughing, semi-finishing, profiling, broaching

Cutting values:

  • Vc (m/min) = 200 – 350
  • f(mm) = 0,10 – 0,25
  • ap (mm) = 2,0 – 3,0

RST 330

Illustration of nickel-based alloys RST 330

Cutting values:

  • Vc (m/min) = 250 – 400
  • f(mm) = 0,10 – 0,20
  • ap (mm) = 1,0 – 2,0

LST 370

Illustration of nickel-based alloys LST 370

Cutting values:

  • Vc (m/min) = 250 – 400
  • f(mm) = 0,10 – 0,35
  • ap (mm) = 1,0 – 4,0

LSM 800

Cutting values:

  • Vc (m/min) = 450 – 750
  • f(mm) = 0,10 – 0,25
  • ap (mm) = 0,5 – 3,0

Ceramic End Mills and Milling Cutters

For milling components made of nickel-based alloys, we have ceramic end mills and milling cutters equipped with ceramic indexable inserts for you.

LSM 800

Tool for roughing, semi-finishing
  • SiAlON Ceramic
  • End mills
  • Roughing, semi-finishing
  • Face milling, slot milling, ramping and trimming
  • Vc (m/min) = 550 - 750
  • f(mm) = 0.03- 0.06
  • ap (mm) up to 0.5 x D



Milling cutter for face milling, groove milling, ramping and trimming
  • R-indexable inserts positive
  • Face milling, slot milling, ramping and trimming
  • Roughing
  • Vc (m/min) = 600 - 1000
  • f(mm) = 0.08 - 0.18 for D = 20 mm
  • ap (mm) for D = 20 mm 0.30 - 2.5
  • ap (mm) for D > 20 mm 0.30 - 4.0




Milling cutter for face milling and eye milling
  • R indexable inserts with indexing
  • Face milling, eye milling
  • Roughing
  • Vc (m/min) = 600 - 1000
  • f(mm) = 0.08 - 0.18
  • ap (mm) = 0.50 - 5.0

HPC - High Pressure Coolant Tooling System

The special feature of our HPC tooling system is that the coolant is supplied through the clamping finger. The coolant outlets on the finger are designed to deliver coolant directly to the active zone where it is needed. A coolant pressure of up to 200 bar can be applied to the tool. 

Another advantage of high-pressure cooling is that the chip can be broken into small pieces. This eliminates process-disturbing ribbon chip.

Tool System for High-Performance Machining

Our ICT tool system shows its strengths when process reliability is an important criterion for you when turning HRSA materials. We offer it with and without high-pressure cooling. As a high-pressure tool, the cooling lubricant reaches the effective zone directly and at the same time ensures reliable chip breaking.

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Special Tools

The machining task you are facing cannot be solved with standard tools? No problem. Our engineering team will develop the tool that solves the task for you. No matter whether the machining task requires a special insert geometry or a special tool shape.

The tool is then manufactured as quickly as possible in our own production facility in Germany.

Selection of CeramTec brand cutting tools

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