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Cast machining made easy

Our recipe for you to machine cast iron quickly and easily:

  • Matched cutting materials - for this we have 25+ ceramic grades and many CBN cutting materials.
  • Standard and special tools
  • Application engineering support - also on site worldwide.

These three key components make your cast iron machining fast, easy, process-reliable and economical.

For the optimal Machining of Castings

Ceramics & CBN

Machining is economical when optimum cutting values can be achieved. In order to achieve this, it is important to use the right cutting materials in terms of the cutting material - material pairing. The following table shows how our cutting materials are best suited for different materials. You can rely on us to determine the optimum cutting values. More than 60 years of machining experience is a wealth of knowledge that enables us to solve machining problems in the best possible way.

By the way: We are of course there for you when it comes to selecting the optimum cutting material, the suitable machining strategy and the appropriate tool - even for special tools.

Closeup steel brake disk and detail of wheel hub with sunlight

Cutting Materials

Suitable for Materials


Cast Iron

Chilled cast Iron, Hardened Cast Iron

Hardened Steels

Nickel-based Alloys


Oxide Ceramics




Mixed Ceramics



Silicon Nitride Ceramics









Polymorphic SiAlON




Whisker Ceramics









High grade CBN





Low grade CBN















CBN Cutting Materials from Own Production

Did you know that? When it comes to the production of CBN cutting materials, we are one of the few European manufacturers to produce CBN in-house!

CBN Cutting Materials Silver
Tool system for machining

High-Performance Machining with the ICT Tool System

Process reliability - one of the key issues in machining. With our ICT clamping system, we have created a clamping system for you and your machining tasks that shows its strengths here. It doesn't matter whether you need to clamp the cutting insert with flat style, with or without chipbreakers, or whether you need notch style clamping. The most common clamping variants can be realised with our ICT system, right up to pin-style clamping.

Cooling, even with high pressure. Our ICT tooling system is also available as a high-pressure tool for certain clamping variants. This brings the coolant as close as possible to the cutting zone - which in turn also ensures reliable chip breaking.

Download ICT Catalog

Selection of CeramTec brand cutting tools

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Customised machining solutions - Our cutting materials and our machining know-how open up new perspectives in terms of economic efficiency and process reliability.

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Downloads & Brochures

You can find more information and brochures in our download area.


CBN for Cast Iron Machining
4 MB,  pdf
4 MB,  pdf
Milling Tools
5 MB,  pdf
5 MB,  pdf
5 MB,  pdf
5 MB,  pdf
15 MB,  pdf
AKT 180 for Turning Centrifugal Castings and Cast Iron
2 MB,  pdf
2 MB,  pdf
LKT 100 for Turning Lamellar Grey Cast Iron (GJL)
2 MB,  pdf
2 MB,  pdf
LKM 880 Cutting Material for Milling Cast Iron
1 MB,  pdf
1 MB,  pdf
LKM 840 - The SiAION for cast iron materials and heat resistant superalloys.
437 KB,  pdf
467 KB,  pdf

Digital Product Catalogue

Cutting materials, insert geometries and tools for your machining

Configure your individual cutting tool and request test samples. You will receive detailed product information and can also view the list price after your registration. This way you can quickly and easily request the desired product.

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