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CeramCore Ceramic Cores for Electrical Resistors

Ceramic Substrates for Passive Electrical Components

Our CeramCore ceramic substrates provide passive electrical components such as resistors and capacitors with a stable structural base that ensures electrical insulation and thermal stability. Thanks to their high thermal conductivity, they also enable efficient heat dissipation, which improves the reliability and performance of the components. 

At CeramTec, we use Rubalit® aluminaoxide ceramic for the CeramCore ceramic cores of metal oxide, carbon film, metal film, thin film and wirewound resistors.

The fine structures of Rubalit® 600, 702 und 708 play a vital role in delivering very high and consistent surface quality. Using Rubalit® 600, 702 und 708 as core materials help create resistors with a lower noise factor and more stable resistance, increases resistance against electrical shock loads and improves reliability in laser trimming. This makes it possible to achieve higher integration density while simultaneously ensuring higher power density.

Tubes made from Rubalit Alumina Ceramics
Passive components next to a ruler

CeramTec boasts decades of manufacturing experience, enabling the company to produce ceramic parts for passive components with tight dimensional tolerances while delivering very high surface quality even for large-scale production with quantities ranging in the billions.

CeramCore resistor cores are manufactured by extruding Rubalit® ceramic materials.

“CeramCore resistor cores are characterized by their superior strength, resistance to stress and flexural strength.”