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Ceramics for High Voltage AC & DC Capacitors

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

High voltage capacitors use materials with high dielectric constant and therefore excellent volumetric efficiency. These are normally identified as Class 2 types and can be found in various applications including live line indication in electricity distribution networks and X-ray imaging and therapy power supplies, one specific material solution K1700 is used in high energy pulse power applications such as Excimer Lasers and other specific Pulsed High Voltage Generators. 

They do not have the low dissipation factors and stability with voltage and temperature associated with Class 1 capacitors and it should be noted that the capacitance will decrease over time for many of these materials. The ageing rate is normally quoted as a % per decade hour and for products the stated capacitance specification is associated with a defined period of time.

High Voltage AC & DC Capacitors
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