Advanced Ceramic Components for eMobility

eMobility is one of the most dynamic markets of our time. Constantly new understanding of and improvements in battery-, charging- and drive technology pose new and challenging requirements toward relevant components. For the areas of power electronics, electric motors, as well as cooling and heating, CeramTec manufactures tailored component solutions using probably the most versatile and high-performing material there is—technical ceramics.

Quickly adapting component specifications for hybrid and electric cars for series production is decisive for eMobility becoming practical in daily life. Thanks to a wide range of technical ceramics, as well as our production and engineering expertise, we are able to adapt the specifications and incorporate them quickly and reliably into the high performance components for eMobility.

Applications for technical ceramics in electric cars

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Our products & solutions in the field of eMobility

Innovative cooling solutions for Power Electronic

Our ceramic heat sinks for various thermal management tasks in eMobility have many things in common: Their high thermal conductivity while at the same time providing electrical isolation allows them to effectively and reliably control the heat development in small spaces when exposed to high electric loads. The sink’s design and cooling performance are determined by the operation site and the required specifications.

Whatever cooling performance and sink design is required for eMobility? As your partner, we create individual cooling solutions taking into account technical and economic aspects.

CeramTec Heat Sinks eMobility

Areas of application for ceramic heat sinks in eMobility:

  • Engine control unit
  • Charging unit

as well as for cooling of

  • Electric motors
  • High voltage battery

Further information on Ceramic Heat-Sinks

Cooperation for optimal cooling performance

CeramTec and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) in Erlangen are working together to develop innovative cooling solutions for power electronics for a drive inverter. This joint project focuses on thermal management using ceramic coolers with applied metallisation. This makes it possible to apply semiconductor chips directly to the ceramic cooler (chip-on-heatsink). The collaboration focuses on the development of a module design that uses ceramic coolers to efficiently dissipate heat from the SiC chips, makes the best possible use of the chip area and keeps the size of the cooler as small as possible. In this way, high electrical power, which generates a lot of heat, can be reliably dissipated in a small space and the sizes of power modules can be miniaturised. In the measurements carried out by IISB, it was possible to halve the thermal resistance compared to state-of-the-art modules.


Fields of application

Circuit carriers for all power electronics and electronic components used in eMobility, such as:

  • Engine control unit
  • Battery charging unit
  • PTC heating elements

For a long time, circuit carriers made of various ceramic high-performance materials, such Rubalit® or Alunit®, have been appreciated for their excellent performance in the electronics industry and now they are also proving themselves invaluable in eMobility. Whether stamping, laser-cutting the basic shape, or metal plating: the conducting tracks are plated in our company according to customer layout with a structure which is tailored to the specific requirements.

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Autonomous driving

For Autonomous Driving applications we provide high-tech ceramic-solutions made by CeramTec. With ongoing development in this field and higher levels of autonomy, it is becoming more critical that the used sensors are working properly, even under adverse circumstances. 

Whether it is the formation of a layer of ice and snow in cold weather conditions or the accumulation of dirt while being on a long trip - ceramic based products can help to solve these challenges. And of course, piezo-ceramic based sensors can, among others, form the basis for the autonomous systems of tomorrow.

If you are interested in customer specific solutions for these functions, please contact our experts.

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