Many years of Experience in Piezoceramics

Piezoceramics are capable of converting mechanical quantities such as pressure and acceleration into electrical quantities or, conversely, of transforming electrical signals into mechanical movement or oscillations. Piezoceramic components are used in a broad spectrum of electromechanical transducers covering a wide frequency range. In sensors, they enable the conversion of forces, pressures and accelerations to electrical signals. In sound generators and ultrasonic transducers, they transform voltages into oscillations or deformations.

In automotive engineering, sensor systems assure the safety of occupants and provide intelligent engine control capabilities.

In ultrasonic applications, piezoceramic components generate high-power ultrasonic waves for ultrasonic cleaning, drilling and welding and for stimulating of chemical processes. On the other hand, piezoceramics are found in many signal and information processing solutions in the form of ultrasonic receivers and transmitters. They also play a key role in advanced sonar locating and ranging, non-destructive material testing, and medical diagnostic equipment.

The operation of piezoceramic actuators relies on the ability of piezo elements to produce controlled deformation in the micrometer range. This characteristic enables new applications for electromechanical transducers as drivers in hydraulic and pneumatic valves, positioning systems, micromanipulators, and proportioning systems for liquid and gaseous media.

Given this broad diversity of applications, it is recommended to discuss with CeramTec´s experts at the development stage of a new product or system. Our experienced staff will gladly assist. In dialogue with your company‘s experts, CeramTec can help to specify application conditions, requirement criteria and design prerequisites, and to propose costeffective solutions. Advanced manufacturing methods enable CeramTec to produce piezoceramic components of unsurpassed quality in large volume. CeramTec´s companywide quality management system assures that its products and services will be fully in line with customer‘s expectations.

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Industrial Applications,Medical Equipment,Piezo Ceramics
Advanced Ceramics in Piezo Applications
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Automotive,CT Materials,Medical Equipment,Piezo Ceramics
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Automotive,CT Materials,Medical Equipment,Piezo Ceramics
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