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Advanced Ceramics in the Automotive Industry

Technical ceramics make decisive contributions to mobility: in vehicles as well as in production facilities for vehicle construction; as components and parts in a wide variety of applications. In e-mobility, whether fully electric or hybrid, CeramTec provides high-performance components for e-cars, e-buses, e-trucks and e-trains, which contribute significantly to increasing economy, comfort and safety. In addition, CeramTec contributes high-performance products made of technical ceramics for vehicles with combustion engines to date.

In e-mobility, solutions are available for thermal management of the battery, electric motor, charging unit and passenger cell, as well as different substrates for high- and low-voltage circuit carriers. Piezo-ceramic components act as sensors for electronic controls and provide them with information on the vehicle’s quiet engine operation, position and changes in direction. Electronic components based on ceramic substrates react to this information and control motor management, safety systems like ABS and ASR and release the airbag when necessary. In engines heat-resistant ceramic parts like valve components, backings in the crankshaft housing and components for water and fuel pumps ensure increased efficiency, less wear and lower noise emission. Ceramic-metal composites open up a world of new possibilities in light metal construction. Not least, modern halogen, xenon or LED light systems with ceramic components significantly improve visibility, and ceramic armor components designed for ballistic vehicle protection deliver the required safety for military and emergency vehicles. The use of SPK® ceramic cutting materials  and precision tools in automotive manufacturing ensures the efficient production of vehicle components made of cast iron or hardened steels.

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