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Protection On Land

Advanced ceramics makes the difference in protection of people and vehicles

In modern composite armour, the ceramic is placed on the impact surface to stop an impacting projectile. Solutions for the specific requirements can be tailored to the customer needs with parts made of ALOTEC® or SICADUR®.

CeramTecs expertise is in the manufacture of advanced ceramics as components for armour systems, cut, drilled and machined to customer specifications, and ready to assemble into protective modules. The significant lower weight of ceramics allows weight savings of more than 50 per cent over conventional metallic solutions.

    advanced ceramics for armour systems

    The most important ceramic materials today for ballistic protection are:

    Owing to its excellent price efficiency ratio, alumina is still the pre dominant ceramic armour material for vehicle applications. Only when an extremely low weight is required (e.g. for personal protection, helicopters or weight sensitive vehicle parts) silicon carbide materials are used.

    CeramTecs ceramics are characterized by good processability and economic volume production and possesses very high mechanical properties.

    CeramTec provides ceramics for ballistic applications in varios geometries, designs and thicknesses customized to the specific application. CeramTecs advanced ceramics are used in a wide range of land applications: Anti-Cut-Solution | Body Armour | Container | Shields | Vehicle Armour.

    Ceramics Hexagons ballistic applications


    Ceramics Tiles ballistic applications


    Pellets for worldwide efficient protection


    Rifle protection of body armour under all conditions can only be ensured by ceramic based hard ballistic inserts. Multitile-assemblies show the highest multi-hit performance.

    Panels for protection vehicles

    CeramTec is not only producing single ceramic parts. A special competence in service is the construction and manufacturing of customized preassembled panels for armoured vehicles.

    armored military vehicles
    High performance ceramics in protection applications
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