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Increased Process Reliability in longitudinal Tube and Pipe Welding

Welding Rollers made from Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Welding rollers manufactured from silicon nitride ceramics are tougher and have a service life of up to 20 to 30 times that of welding rollers made from steel.

Longitudinally welded pipes are used in a variety of applications, for instance in heating installations or as pipelines. No matter what field they are manufactured for: Welding rollers ensure safe and precise longitudinal welding. CeramTec manufactures these welding rollers from silicon nitride, a ceramic material that is highly resistant to stress, durable and wear-resistant and thus offers a long service life when used in pipe welding applications.

Silicon Nitride Ceramics for Tube and Pipe Welding Rollers
  • 20 to 30 times longer service life than steel
  • Significantly fewer signs of wear
  • Improved precision
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Not electrically conducting
  • High thermal shock resistance and temperature resistance
  • High compressive strength and toughness
  • Extreme hardness
Silicon nitride pipe welding rollers

Welding rollers made from ceramic: A service life 20 to 30 times that of welding rollers made from steel and significantly fewer signs of wear.

Fully finished longitudinally welded pipes are produced from a flat metal belt. The metal sheet is fed in through welding rollers to ensure that the mold fits perfectly and the necessary longitudinal seam is cleanly welded. This is precisely where extreme precision is required, where the edges of the metal are positioned at exact intervals. However, the rollers are also subject to heavy loads here, which can lead to wear.

CeramTec silicon nitride welding rollers can achieve a service life 20 to 30 times that of welding rollers made from steel in longitudinal pipe welding. Silicon nitride ceramics demonstrate significantly fewer signs of wear and are able to ensure the quality of the welding seam for longer periods.

Ceramic Tools for the Welding Process
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Ceramic Tools for the Welding Process

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