MIG/MAG Gas Nozzles made of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Long, precise MIG/MAG Welding with Ceramic Gas Nozzles

Ceramic gas nozzles made of silicon nitride from CeramTec are far less susceptible than steel nozzles to the high stress levels placed on them during the welding process. The surface of the ceramic material prevents welding drops from adhering to it and reduces slag formation.

In MIG/MAG welding applications, for instance when welding thin-walled metals in vehicle body construction, it is essential to ensure a perfect weld seam along with an even, uniform flow of gas. To achieve a constant flow of gas from the nozzle, the nozzle opening used on the robot arm must remain clean at all times. MIG/MAG gas nozzles made of silicon nitride ceramics make this possible: They show virtually no traces of deposits or adhesion of metal spray or slag, thus ensuring long service life and precision in MIG/MAG welding.

“MIG/MAG welding without annoying traces of deposits, adhesion of metal spray or slag – this also translates into less cleaning and re­placement work.”

The smooth surface and wear resistance of silicon nitride ceramics ensures lasting, high-quality weld joints. This means ceramic gas nozzles made from this material require less frequent cleaning and replacement: Depending on their positioning, CeramTec ceramic gas nozzles made of silicon nitride SL200BG material optimized for welding applications offer a service life many times that of steel or hard chrome-plated copper.

This reduces the machine downtime required for replacing these elements – something that has been proven during over three years of use of CeramTec silicon nitride ceramic gas nozzles in the automotive industry.

MIG/MAG Gas Nozzles made of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

  • Virtually no traces of deposits or adhesion (metal spray or slag)
  • Service life many times that of gas nozzles made of steel or hard chrome-plated copper
  • No cold welds
  • Extreme hardness
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Temperature resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • High compressive strength
Easy Retooling

Worry-free Replacement with Ceramic Gas Nozzles

Effortless retooling, even for special molds – Ceram­Tec can reproduce the gas nozzle mold required for the respective systems from silicon nitride ceramics.

Switching to the robust ceramic material silicon nitride does not require complex retooling of MIG/MAG systems and welding robots. Replacing existing gas nozzles with ceramic gas nozzles is simple – even when working with non-standard molds.

To ensure that the ceramic gas nozzles truly fit each welding robot, CeramTec also offers adapter solutions for plug or screw connections. And MIG/MAG welding system manufacturers already offer specialized cleaning equipment for ceramic gas nozzles. One example of this is the GRK2 gas nozzle cleaning device with the DA-2000 wire cutter from J. Thielmann Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik mbH.

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