Thread Guides for Melt Spinning & Texturing Process

New Dimensions with TRIBOFIL® and TRIBOSOFT Surfaces

Ceramic melt spinning components such as pigtails, spin finish applicators, traverse guides or jet plates are used throughout the polymer fiber production process worldwide. The CeramTec TRIBOFIL® and TRIBOSOFT surface qualities are used for thread guides, yarn forming and yarn modification.

Polymer fibers are produced using a process known as polymer spinning, a special type of extrusion. In this production process a spinneret is used to form multiple, continuous filaments. There are four types of polymer spinning: Wet spinning, dry spinning, gel spinning and melt spinning. Melt spinning is used for meltable polymers. This is how a number of fibers such as nylon, olefin, polyester, saran and sulfar are produced.

Thermodynamics, friction, surface wear and electrostatic interaction during the production process have created the demand for ceramic components with high surface qualities such as those offered by CeramTec in material combinations designed especially for thread guides, yarn forming and yarn modification. CeramTec is one of the world’s largest producers of ceramic components for the melt spinning process (and filament spinning).

Melt Spinning Components made from Technical Ceramics:

TRIBOFIL® and TRIBOSOFT are only available from CeramTec.

Improved Surfaces for Thread Guides and Forming

In addition to “as-fired” and polished surfaces CeramTec also offers TRIBOFIL® and TRIBOSOFT for completely new surface dimensions:

TRIBOFIL® is a special surface for yarn guide elements in applications with low yarn tension and for processing conventional synthetic yarns without any damage whatsoever. This material has been proven in applications worldwide and textile industry experts appreciate its reliability.

TRIBOSOFT is also designed for use in processes at low yarn tensions without any yarn damage. This material is also characterized by long life cycles on both special yarns and raw materials containing aggressive additives such as spun-dyed yarns (SDY), spun-dyed black yarns, CS and bioactive yarns.

    TRIBOFIL® and TRIBOSOFT Surface Advantages
    • Lowest possible yarn breakage rates
    • Highest yarn cleanliness
    • Low yarn tension
    • Excellent package build
    • High quality and cost effectiveness

    High-performance oil applicator guides for melt spinning

    New hard-wearing Material with excellent Surface Finish for higher Yarn Quality


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