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Advanced Electro Ceramics

Ultrasonic Industrial Flow Sensors

CeramTec specialises in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic sensors for industrial flow measurement, which tackle the challenges of high temperature and pressure.

Our ultrasonic sensors have been specifically designed industrial metering applications within industries such as food and beverage production, oil and gas, pharmaceutical production.

Overview of six different flow sensors

Our current sensors are able to operate at temperatures of up to 250°C and withstand pressures of up to 200 bar on the transducer front face. Suitable for both gas and fluid flow measurement.

We offer our customers value by maximising our sensitivity whilst maintaining a wide bandwidth – we have been able to save power consumption and dramatically increase accuracy and consistency.

Our dedicated team of engineers are experts in the design, development and manufacture of ultrasonic sensors and transducers. We work closely with customers enabling us to produce entirely unique solutions, working either with existing information and specifications or helping to develop new and improved products.

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