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SiAION Ceramics SL 654 C

SL 654 C is a cutting material with a multi-layer TiCN/TiN coating. It is a specialist for “fresh” gray cast iron castings and is ideal for machining components cast less than three days beforehand. With this grade tool life does not deteriorate when “fresh castings” are tuned on the lathe. Its wear resistance and hot hardness also allow for increased cutting data and higher removal rates compared to conventional varieties for machining gray cast iron.

What’s more, the cutting material is equipped with IKS-PRO notch type clamping for maximum clamping security.

SL 654 C Performance Data
MaterialDuctile cast iron, fresh cast
Types of machining
Cutting conditions
Tool entry conditions


Rough machining

Cutting data recommendationsvc = 500 – 1200 m/min
f = 0,25 – 0,5 mm
ap = 2,5 – 5,0 mm


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