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All-Ceramic End Mill for Inconel and Nickel Alloys

End Mill LSM 800

In the industrial segments of aerospace, power generation and oil and gas production, many components are made of heat-resistant materials such as nickel alloys or Inconel due to the required properties. The milling of Inconel and nickel alloys places high demands on the cutting material in terms of hot hardness and wear resistance - requirements that ceramic cutting materials optimally fulfil. As a result, the production speed and economic efficiency increase significantly.   

The cutters are designed for a wide range of applications and can be used, for example, for milling pockets and grooves, for plunge milling, shoulder milling and ramp milling and, of course, for face milling.

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Cutting Tools / Machining Applications
All-Ceramic end Mills and Blanks for Milling Materials in Aerospace and Energy Generation
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