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Innovative production technology for protection tubes

Driving cost-efficiency with high-quality alumina for thermocouple sensing

Protection and insulating tubes made from technical ceramics are vital in temperature and measurement control situations, whenever safety and stability is required. CeramTec’s ceramic tubes made from alumina as the most commonly used advanced ceramic material work with an innovative production technology, which ensures key advantages for customers in the chemical, glass or gas industry where high temperature measuring and control is provided by thermocouple sensors.

In comparison to protection tubes made of precious metal, the use of ceramic tubes for the protection of sensing elements has key advantages, such as the ability to withstand high temperatures of up to 1700 °C and higher resistance to corrosion and wear. In order to further increase efficiency for customers, CeramTec works with a special technology for the “closed one end” tube type: Instead of glueing the ends together, which can cause problems with leakage, the company’s one-piece technology guarantees better protection of the measurement element as leakage and penetration from the outside sphere is prevented, improving longevity and ultimately saving cost for customers.

Using modern production methods as well as continuous in-process control, CeramTec was also able to address another issue that industry customers are faced with when using ceramic protection and insulation tubes: With lengths starting at 30mm and exceeding 1500mm, these tubes are not completely straight and exhibit a natural bend (camber). CeramTec’s products surpass the standard camber values, which makes assembly for customers much easier, saving time and cost.

The various CeramTec alumina ceramics used, such as Rubalit® C799 or Dimulit® C610, are characterised by their excellent electrical insulation and high mechanical strength. CeramTec also offers a slightly porous material Pormulit® C530. Alongside its range of pre-made products – including a selection of lengths – to shorten delivery times, CeramTec furthermore provides customised geometries.

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