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CeramTec launches self-configuration tool for ceramic components

CeramCreator: intuitive and easy-to-use self-configuration tool for ceramic products

Today we are launching "CeramCreator", a new online configurator that makes searching for the right product and material easier and faster. Starting with cutting tools and substrates, the self-configurator enables customers to digitally configure customised products.

“We are pleased to introduce 'CeramCreator' to our customers as an intuitive and easy-to-use self-configuration tool, which simplifies complex process chains and shortens long quotation processes. With CeramCreator, our customers get to the desired product in less than six steps. The tool was developed together with Axel Springer hy and the two Berlin-based start-ups Clous and Aucta and is available on our homepage as of today," explains Richard Boulter, President Industrial of the CeramTec Group.

Intuitive with user-friendly design

The entire product portfolio of the two CeramTec product groups substrates and cutting tools is now available online, with the offering being structured within the configurator according to features and specifications. The self-configurator guides users through the process in a self-explanatory and intuitive way. Product and material requirements can be entered manually. For substrates, the system also allows for the upload of CAD files. In addition, it is possible to select the desired quantity of supply and the desired delivery date.

3D visualisation and automated feasibility check for substrates (master templates) and lasered substrates

Data and product specifications entered by customers are linked in the backend, generating an automated order request. Intelligent backend solutions from the start-up partners Clous and Aucta, with whom CeramTec cooperates, enable efficient and effective processes: Based on uploaded CAD files, a 3D model can be created (semi-)automatically and the CAD file for the desired product can be checked for technical and geometric feasibility.

If the technical feasibility cannot be confirmed during the CAD model check, CeramTec’s customer service is automatically informed to jointly work with customers on developing their products together in an online live session with the help of a 3D visualisation. This also allows for the discussion of open questions so that the configuration process can be seamlessly completed.

Added value for customers

CeramCreator offers a simple and user-friendly process for the customised configuration of product requests. Given sufficient model quality and based on the self-configurator input, customers receive a fully automated result within minutes. This process automation reduces turnaround times, resulting in time and cost savings.

The CeramCreator self-configuration tool is now available. Further information can be found here.