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Your self-configuration tool for ceramic products

Your self-configuration tool for ceramic products

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The CeramCreator, our online configurator, which we developed together with Axel Springer hy, makes it easy for you to find the right product and the right material using a simple input mask. First of all, we provide you with the entire product portfolio of our two product groups Substrates and Cutting Tools online.

Our range is structured in the configurator according to features and specifications. Product and material requirements can be entered manually or CAD files can be uploaded in the substrates area - the configurator guides you through the process in a self-explanatory and intuitive way. In addition, it is possible to select the desired quantity of supply and the desired delivery date.


3D visualisation and automated feasibility check for requests for substrates (master templates) and laser-cut substrates

As soon as you enter your data and product specifications, they are linked in the backend and generate an automated order request. Intelligent backend solutions from the start-up partners Clous and Aucta, with whom we cooperate, enable efficient and effective process execution: Based on uploaded CAD files, a 3D model can be created (semi-)automatically and the CAD file for the desired product can be checked for technical and geometric feasibility.

If the technical feasibility cannot be confirmed during the CAD model check, our customer service is automatically informed to jointly work with customers on developing their products together in an online live session with the help of a 3D visualisation. This also allows for the discussion of open questions so that the configuration process can be seamlessly completed.

In the near future, substrates and cutting tools will be followed by other product lines.


Your advantages at a glance
  • Customised configuration of product requests
  • Simple input masks & user-friendly process
  • Substrates: Upload option of CAD files and automated live pre-visualisation in the 3D model
  • Time and cost savings
  • In a maximum of six steps to the desired product!
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