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Protection At Sea

Recognise, communicate and protect over and under the sea

Piezo and transducer ceramics

With three production sites – two in the UK and one in Germany – for piezo ceramic parts and -transducers, CeramTec is well equipped to provide excellent products for defence applications on land, in the air, over and under the sea.

With a selection of more than 20 different piezo material formulations, we are able to offer customer specific solutions for every application. We offer high – volume – highly automized production with integrated 100 % in-line inspection as well as craftsmanship production of special components with complex shapes in low volumes. Dimensional capabilities reach from sub 1 mm to in excess of 250 mm diameter. Our metallisation solutions include thick film silver processes, evaporation and plating using Ni, Ni/Au, Ni/Cr/Sn.

Various kind of geometries are possible like: 

Discs - Rings - Tubes - Plates - Blocks - Hemispheres - Bimorphs - Complete transducers

Piezoelectric Tubes infront of white background


Piezoelectric Hemispheres


Ceramic Plates infront of white background


Armouring for watercrafts

For armouring of watercrafts CeramTec offers different types of tiles from standard format up to customized tiles and in varied ceramic armour materials for to achieve best possible safety.

Ceramic Hextiles infront of white background

Typical applications for the components we offer

  • Submarine Sonar Systems (Active Systems / Passive long range sonar / Flank Arrays)
  • Variable depth systems for surface ships
  • Towed Arrays
  • Diver Detection
  • Underwater communication systems
  • Sonobuoys and dipping sonar system (Aircraft deployed)
  • PZT Blocks for composite manufacture for multiple systems mentioned above
  • Naval Armouring
sophisticated sonar systems
High performance ceramics in protection applications
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