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Friction Disc for polyamide filament Yarns

CeramTec Standard & CeramTec Standard S

For decades, CeramTec Standard friction discs have set the benchmark in the texturing of polyamide, with millions currently in use. Through further development of the surface quality, CeramTec has created a new surface structure that ensures excellent yarn values for polyamide.

The Super Surface structure of Standard S friction discs is produced with an improved roughness. 

By using the new CeramTec Standard S friction disc with Super Surface in the production of PA6.6, Dtex 78/68 it was possible to improve elongation by more than 6% and strength by more than 5 cN/tex compared to conventional friction discs. The tests were conducted on Barmag eFK machines at various yarn manufacturers with the setup 1/6/1.

Various friction discs from CeramTec
CeramTec Cerasoft
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