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Silicon nitride ceramic for turning cast iron materials

Cutting Material LKT 100

We are expanding our portfolio of high-tech cutting materials with the silicon nitride ceramic LKT 100 for the highly efficient turning of cast iron materials.

This cutting material combines the toughness typical of silicon nitride ceramics with increased wear resistance. The increased performance behaviour is achieved through an innovative manufacturing process which allowed us to influence the composition of the cutting material in the outer functional zone.

"LKT100 offers very good tenacity with excellent wear resistance and particularly high notch dent resistance. It allows large metal removal rates and thus enables advantageous cost-per-part machining results. We have developed the new cutting material for turning and drilling GJL-materials in smooth to heavily interrupted cuts." 

Johannes Schneider, Senior Product Manager Cutting Tools

Silicon nitride ceramic for turning cast iron materials
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Cutting Tools / Machining Applications
LKT 100 for Turning Lamellar Grey Cast Iron (GJL)
Silicon nitride ceramics for turning of cast iron materials
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