CeramCool® Fin Cooler

Compact ceramic active and passive Cooling System Solutions using Air as a Coolant

The CeramCool® principle can also be followed for heat sinks that rely on air as a cooling medium: ceramic fin coolers in a wide variety of geometries are an interesting alternative for applications that do not allow liquid cooling.

With CeramCool® fin coolers, more compact and smaller air-cooled systems can be realised with the same heat dissipation capacity than with conventional coolers. Here also the principle of direct connection of a heat source without thermally poorly conducting intermediate layers to the ceramic heat sink surface is applied.

They are already used successfully in LED lighting and illumination technology, where they deliver another key advantage especially in interior lighting: the aesthetic effect of the translucent material and the myriad options it offers in lighting and luminaire design.

    CeramCool® Fin Cooler
    • Compact, smaller than conventional coolers with the same cooling power
    • No additional circuit board required; the metalized fin heat-sink is the circuit board
    • No thermal compounds or heat-conducting adhesives required
    • Resistant to UV and environmental influences
    Sample drawing of a round fin heat-sink
    Sample drawing of a square fin heat-sink
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