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Robust, Resistant to Wear, Versatile and Cost Effective

Ceramic Seal Rings, Bearings and Sealing Technology

Ceramic seal rings, axial bearings and radial bearings ensure highly reliable operation and long service life wherever fluids are pumped or gas is compressed.

CeramTec ceramic seal ring, bearing and seal technology can provide economical solutions wherever exact and precise regulation, control, bearings or electrical and thermal insulation are required.

Whether in pumps, valves, automotive engineering, medical analysis equipment or even in the fully automatic coffee machines used in homes every day – ceramic seal and bearing components do amazing work behind the scenes. Their excellent performance is attributed to outstanding sliding and sealing properties, dimensional stability and aging resistance.

The CeramTec line of ceramic seal rings, bearing bushes and bearing sleeves for axial and radial bearings comprises numerous different versions with diameters from just a few to up to 70 millimeters. The materials CeramTec uses here, including alumina, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide and silicon nitride, have a decisive impact on the functionality, reliability and service life of these components. Combined bearings made of ceramic materials and carbon or reinforced plastic are surprisingly light yet very stiff, are not easily impacted by centrifugal forces and feature very good emergency and dry running properties. One example is a radial bearing combined with a ceramic bearing sleeve and a bearing bush made of carbon.

Rolling bearing rollers made of silicon nitride ceramic

Cyrol – Bearing Rollers made from Silicon Nitride

CeramTec developed a silicon nitride material and production method to mass produce ceramic bearing rollers at very affordable costs. Cyrol bearing rollers open up a broad spectrum of applications for ceramic bearings and hybrid roller bearings. They meet the technical requirements for roller bearings according to the ASTM F2730/F2730M Class I Standard for salable prices.


Ceramic Seal Rings, Bearings and Sealing Technology

Product Advantages

  • High wear resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Dimensional stability and aging resistance
  • Excellent sliding properties (tribology)
  • Biocompatibility (for use in hygiene and the food and beverage industry)

CeramTec also provides comprehensive expertise on using ceramic components in seal ring and bearing technology for developing and manufacturing constructions and molds according to individual specifications and customer requirements.