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With CeramTec into a lead-free future

Join us in discovering the possibilities offered by lead-free piezoceramics - sustainable, efficient and customised!

Our lead-free piezoceramics based on BNT-BT offer you an environmentally friendly alternative to lead-containing materials and are customised in various shapes and geometries. Experience the powerful and stable piezoelectric properties that are ideal for sensors, transducers for flow meters or medical applications.

Lead-free piezoceramics are convincing in many respects:

  • Non-toxic raw materials with a significantly reduced ecological footprint
  • Environmentally friendly and safe water-based manufacturing process without alcoholic solvents
  • Wide range of geometries and high material quality
  • Stable piezoelectric properties
  • Increased anisotropy (lower planar coupling)
  • Significantly lower friction losses and significantly reduced self-heating

Protect our environment and increase your efficiency - discover the possibilities with lead-free piezoceramics together with us!