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Innovation for Foundry Technology

CeramTec subsidiary Emil Müller GmbH produces salt cores for use in high pressure die casting on a new production line.

For the Swedish foundry Ljunghäll AB, our team at Emil Müller GmbH has recently started producing salt cores for a cast component from the automotive sector. After salt cores have already been used for gravity die casting and low-pressure die casting, they are now being used for the first time in a high pressure die casting process.

Previously, both cooperation partners had gone through an intensive development phase and successfully implemented various new technologies - such as the production of the salt cores at the Wilhermsdorf site in a customised powder press from Frey & Co GmbH. For Ljunghäll AB, in addition to the process development of the die-casting method, the washing out of the salt cores after the casting process and the subsequent treatment of the process water were added as further process steps.

CeramTec Salt Core Technology