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Advanced ceramics are key for wear protecting of industrial equipment in today’s manufacturing environment

Increasingly higher demands on machine performance

Minimum downtime and maximum durability: Industrial machines are subject to increasingly higher demands which requires high-performing materials. CeramTec-ETEC’s advanced ceramics materials for wear and corrosion protection provide added value to companies for a wide range of applications, enabling cost savings through supporting a longer lifetime of industrial equipment.

The company’s ALOTEC advanced ceramics material is used for ceramic linings in machines and systems wherever highly abrasive materials, e.g., ore, sand or coal, are involved in industrial processes, such as in steel plants or foundries, in the mining, processing and preparation of materials, in the raw materials, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in power plants or in cement production. Many primary and intermediate products as well as secondary raw materials cause wear during processing.  

In comparison to metal as the alternative material to protect against wear and corrosion, ceramic is a considerably improved solution that provides a better performance in highly-demanding environments. In the processing of quartz sand, for example, various components such as mills and classifiers have a much longer service life if they are lined with ceramic as wear protection. 

In the context of grinding and crushing, when the end product, such as glass, but also pigments or in general mineral raw materials must be of extreme pureness, the maximum hardness of advanced ceramic materials is a key advantage, as they can withstand the abrasiveness of, e.g., sand and other materials. While sand is harsh enough to rub off particles from a metal lining, which leads to contamination of the end product, for example, spots in glass, ceramic is hard enough to not be affected by this abrasion. 

CeramTec-ETEC’s ALOTEC material is based on alumina (Al₂O₃) and undergoes constant testing and controlling to ensure the highest degree of quality and safety. The team’s expertise has been developed over more than 35 years, starting with the idea to line stationary concrete mixers with ceramic materials. Working with customers in the steel, chemical and food industry as well as in the energy, processing, recycling and environmental protection sector, the company, which is part of industrial ceramics manufacturer CeramTec, now acts as a system provider, offering a wide range of solutions from single ceramic tiles to fully installed wear protection systems, including customised systems for complex applications.

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