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Ultrasonic Measurement Technology

Precise flow measurement with ultrasonic technology

CeramTec offers innovative high-performance piezoceramic solutions for reliable and precise flow measurement of liquid and gas flows using ultrasonic technology. CeramTec‘s ultrasonic solutions can be precisely tailored and designed to meet the respective application requirement.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of fully assembled ultrasonic sensors for intelligent measuring devices. Using our inhouse produced piezoelectric ceramics we develop together with our customers highly customised components and off-the-shelf sensors for gas, water and heat metering.

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Image: Ultrasonic flow sensors

piezoelectric components for energy management systems
Ultrasonic air bubble sensors
Advantages of ultrasonic measurement
  • Stable and consistent measurement results particularly at low flows, due to best in class zero flow offset over the entire operating temperature range
  • Reliable operation: under high pressure, in a wide temperature range and in various environments, subject to calibration
  • Best-in-class stability over temperature leading to reduced calibration times and more effective sensor linearisation
  • Wide bandwidth and high sensitivity solutions for both liquids and gases
  • Wear and motion-free, ultrasonic measurement reduces pressure lost and obstructions within the flow body
  • Experience with drinking water approval (WRAS approval)
  • Experience in testing and manufacturing sensors to MID standards, including accelerated life testing - pressure, humidity, temperature cycling, thermal shock and moisture resistance

Image: Ultrasonic air bubble sensors

Best-in class performance for piezoceramics, sensors & transducers

With three production sites – two in the UK and one in Germany, CeramTec is well equipped to provide excellent products for industrial measurement applications. CeramTec can manufacture large-volume piezoceramiccomponents (discs, rings,  rectangular or square plates, focal bowls and hemispheres) according to customer requirements using dry pressing technology with SONOX® P and PZT materials. Metallisations (Ag, Ni, Ni/Au, Ni/Cr/Sn) are available for piezoceramic components.

Special electrode designs (e.g. wrap-around electrodes) are also possible to realise extended functionalities and increase automation level at the customers production line. With a selection of more than 20 different piezo material formulations, we are able to develop customer specific solutions for every application. We offer high volume, highly automated production with integrated 100 % In-Line inspection as well as craftsmanship production of special components with complex shapes in low volumes.

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Image: Piezoceramics in different shapes and sizes

piezoceramics, sensors & transducers
Our piezoelectric materials and custom sensor capabilities support applications like:
  • Meteorology (anemometers and rain sensors)
  • Flow metering (liquid and gaseous media)
  • Level/Distance sensing
  • Leak detection
  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Burglar alarms & property protection
  • Air bubble detecting
  • Wheel balancing
  • Underwater object recognition
  • Locating/navigating functions
  • Knock sensors
  • Acceleration sensors
  • Energy harvesting
  • Diagnostic and therapy equipment
Piezoceramic components for electromechanical transducers