Special Applications in Mechanical Engineering

Customer-specific Solutions with Technical Ceramics

Conventional materials often fail when it comes to advancing and enhancing industrial applications or equipment, systems and mechanical engineering processes, because they are unable to meet the changing requirements in these industries. This is where technical ceramics come into play.

Competitive Advantages in Mechanical Engineering: Advanced Ceramics

CeramTec develops numerous special ceramic materials and components that can be optimally adapted to meet and solve customer-specific requirements and problems in equipment, systems and mechanical engineering. Many CeramTec customers are already gaining an enormous competitive advantage today with components made from technical ceramics, because no other conventional material is as wear, corrosion or temperature resistant.

Countless material innovations and a product range that now encompasses more than 10,000 parts and components speak for the variety and diversity of the application possibilities technical ceramics have to offer. To learn more about custom-tailored solutions for industrial applications and in the area of machine and plant engineering, be sure to speak with our ceramics experts. Read more about Technical Ceramics for Special Applications in Mechanical Engineering  in our section on materials and in our materials data table.

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