CeramCool® Multi-K

Cooling performance up to 600 W/cm2 with ultra-flat ceramic liquid Heat-Sinks

CeramCool® Multi-K found in Al2O3 and AlN ceramics is an ultra-flat heat-sink featuring parallel coolant flow-through with standard dimensions of 100 x 60 x 3 mm.

The heat-sink’s extremely low profile allows for very low construction heights throughout the entire cooling system. Moreover, arranging several of these CeramCool® Multi-K heat-sinks on top of each other also makes it possible to achieve extreme power densities per unit volume.


CeramCool® Multi-K
  • Heat-sinks 3 mm in height for extremely flat cooling systems.
  • Cooling performance of up to 600 W/cm2 over the entire surface
  • Combined arrangement of multiple heat-sinks on top of each other also possible
  • Ideal for silver sintering technology thanks to its high mechanical stability
Technical Data for CeramCool® Multi-K
  • Standard dimensions: 100 x 60 x 3 mm
  • Length: variable up to max. 150 mm

Al2O3 design

  • Rth: 0.007 K/W @ L=120 mm
  • R'th: 0.4 Kcm2/W @ 3000 l/h

AlN design

  • Rth: 0.0022 K/W @ L=120 mm
  • R'th: 0.133 Kcm2/W @ 50 l/min


Various connection methods available depending on customer specifications

Characteristic Curve Temperature Flow Rate
Characteristic Curve Temperature Flow Rate Pressure Drop
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