CeramCool® Cell Cooler

Liquid Cooling with monolithic ceramic Coolers featuring a variable internal Structure

Absolutely air tight, flat and compact ceramic cell coolers with directly metalized surfaces for an optimum thermal connection between the source of heat and the coolant.

The internal structure of the CeramCool® Cell Cooler can be varied in a range of ways in order to adjust the pressure and flow rate characteristic curves and adapt the cooling capacity to existing circumstances.


CeramCool® Cell Cooler
  • Monolithic, flat, compact cell cooler
  • Variable internal structures possible
  • Both hose connections are on the same side
  • Simple scalability
Technical Data for CeramCool® Cell Cooler
  • Dimensions: 74 x 56 x 15 mm
  • Rth: 0.0037 K/W
  • R'th: 0.15 Kcm2/W @ 50 l/min


  • Cooling line: side
  • Electrical system: top
  • Metalization: direct on one side
Characteristic Curve Temperature Flow Rate
Characteristic Curve Temperature Flow Rate Pressure Drop
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