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Ceramdisc® and OEM cartridges for manufacturing sanitary fittings

Technical Ceramics in Sanitary Fittings

Water is valuable. Today drinking water is a more valuable resource than ever and must be conserved and used responsibly. Technical ceramics can be used in sanitary fittings to avoid unnecessary waste.

Untight, leaky, imprecise and difficult to use mixing units are not only a source of frustration for users – they also waste valuable water unnecessarily. The use of Ceramdisc® ceramic seal and regulator discs in a single handle mixer and mixing unit cartridges saves water – long lasting and with high comfort and high safety for the user.

Ceramdisc and OEM cartridges for manufacturing sanitary fittings

Seal and Regulator Discs made from Advanced Ceramics

Annually, more than 50 million Ceramdisc® ceramic seal and regulator discs are installed in single-handle mixers, mixing units and faucets in the sanitary fittings industry. CeramTec has manufactured these ceramic seal discs ever since ceramic materials won out over conventional materials thanks to their long life.

Sanitary Disc Aluminum Oxide white

Ceramdisc® ceramic discs stand for high hardness, the perfect seal and leak tightness in fittings, superior comfort and an extraordinarily long life.

Millions of Ceramdisc® ceramic seal discs have worked for decades in nearly every country around the world: They control and regulate the amount and temperature of water in mixing units and single-handle mixers and two-handle faucets reliably, precisely, comfortably and conveniently. Ceramdisc® ceramic discs made from wear-resistant advanced ceramics provide the perfect seal and their sliding properties ensure maximum functionality, dependability and operating comfort.

Ceramdisc® seal and regulator discs

Ceramic Discs for the perfect Sanitary Fitting Seal

Annually, more than 50 million of our Ceramdisc® ceramic discs are installed as seal or regulator discs in sanitary fittings.

Behind this success are CeramTec’s carefully selected ceramics, optimized and proven through years of use, which uncompromisingly meet the demands of sanitary fittings in terms of the sealing power of the discs, hardness and reliability for single-handle mixers and mixing cartridges.

Ceramic seal discs, regulator discs and diverters are manufactured from alumina ceramics using a state-of-the-art method, which results in sliding surfaces with extraordinary, diamond-like hardness. They also offer outstanding chemical resistance against acids and alkaline solutions. These sliding surface properties ensure the superior reliability and long service life of Ceramdisc® seal and regulator discs.

Solids carried in drinking water such as sand, rust, and lime are ground between the sliding surfaces of the ceramic discs without impacting the sealing power of the sanitary fittings. And this performance lasts to ensure exceptionally long service life. Even after millions of motion cycles they show no signs of wear and continue to precisely control the desired amount and temperature of the water in sanitary fittings – despite tough conditions such as fluctuating pressure ratios and water temperatures in the supply system.

Sanitary Disc Al2O3 white

Seal and Regulator Discs for Single-handle Mixers and Mixing Units

A successful system, proven millions of times over: The assembly consisting of two Ceramdisc® ceramic discs delivers reliability, long life and superb precision in controlling the amount and temperature of the water in single-handle mixers and mixing units.

CeramTec has an extensive portfolio of disc geometries and designs depending on the construction of the cartridge used and the desired flow properties. It is also possible to develop customer-specific seal and regulator discs with optimized designs – CeramTec takes a wide range of criteria into consideration here, including:

  • Comfort and convenience of the cartridge
  • Noise suppression in the cartridge
  • Cartridge flow rate
  • Reduced contact surfaces of the tribological pairing
  • Hydraulically optimized connections
  • Tight tolerances

Seal and Regulator Discs for Two-Handle Faucets

Ceramic seals made from Ceramdisc® discs offer a number of advantages and have nearly completely replaced conventional seals in two-handle faucets as well. Precisely ground and polished ceramic discs ensure astoundingly long life, optimum sealing power and matchless operating comfort for two-handle faucets. Two-handle faucets mix warm and cold water directly in the faucet instead of in a cartridge.

Ceramdisc Diverters for Bath and Shower Heads

Diverters for Bath and Shower Heads

Multifunction showers and massage shower heads used in spas are just two examples of the rising demands on multifunctional sanitary fittings.

Ceramdisc® diverters made from ceramic feature complex shapes and high surface precision for defined water flow and finely adjustable temperature levels.

Quality Management

Certifications for Seal Discs

A comprehensive quality and CIP management system ensures that CeramTec products and services for sanitary applications are provided in accordance with an integrated corporate quality system.


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